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Leclerc: If it happens again I will be even more frustrated

Leclerc: "If it happens again I will be even more frustrated"

02-10-2022 08:06 Last update: 09:14


Charles Leclerc will try to forget the frustration of the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix this Sunday. Then it was the Ferrari driver who saw his teammate at the time, Sebastian Vettel, win the race after the German was favoured by the team to return to the pits.

In 2019, the latest edition of the Singapore Grand Prix, it was Sebastian Vettel who won the race in his Ferrari. The four-time world champion took advantage of an earlier pit stop than his teammate Leclerc who was leading the race, allowing him to take the lead and take the victory. After this particular race, Leclerc could not hide his frustration and it is partly for the sake of revenge that the Monegasque is preparing for the upcoming race where he will start from pole position.


"Well, obviously I was frustrated that day, I remember it very, very well", Leclerc responded during the press conference post-qualifying press conference when asked if this missed opportunity was still on his mind since 2019. Looking back on that moment, Leclerc does think it was probably the right choice, as it gave the team a one-two that would probably not have been possible without the decision. "Having said that, if it happens again I will probably be as frustrated as 2019 because I'm here to win and the only thing I want to do is to win tomorrow so I'll try my best and let's see what we'll do."

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