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'Last aborted lap wasn't looking great, no purple-purple'

'Last aborted lap wasn't looking great, no purple-purple'

2 October - 07:37 Last update: 09:11


Peter Windsor has little to criticise about Red Bull Racing. The team made a big mistake that in all likelihood allowed Max Verstappen to miss out on pole position. The British analyst says things cannot always go well at the Milton Keynes-based team.

On his YouTube channel Windsor looks back on qualifying Saturday. He saw that Charles Leclerc was able to take advantage of a mistake by Red Bull. In the end, it was Leclerc who took pole position thanks to the miss at Verstappen's side. "He ran out of fuel and in order to obviously get through scrutineering they had to abort him to abort his last lap, which didn't look like a great lap anyway, it wasn't purple-purple," the analyst said.

The analyst went on to say that Verstappen might also have a part to play. "Max did a number of some fast laps, probably at least three, and then aborted the lap. and so this uses up quite a lot of fuel." This was possibly too much petrol than calculated beforehand by the team. Windsor says teams work with very small margins, and that is what Red Bull has also done.

Wrong choices

Therefore, the analyst does not think one should be very hard on Red Bull now because it is precisely that pushing the edges that race fans like. "Should we be tough on Red Bull and say: they really messed it up? I don't think so. Many people like to say that Red Bull is a good race team, what we saw today was a race team right on the edge, and they just got it slightly wrong with Max."

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