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Steiner on America's three races: 'They are not a copycat'

Steiner on America's three races: 'They are not a copycat'

28 September - 20:48


Günther Steiner says it is the right time for a third US Grand Prix. There are three races on the calendar next season and, besides, the American fan base continues to grow.

Formula 1 recently announced a 24-race calendar for 2023. A Saturday night race in Las Vegas joins the already established US Grands Prix at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin and the race in Miami.

Big compliment

Steiner thinks 24 races is a lot, but the demand is there. "The fans want to see what we are doing, which is the biggest compliment they can give us, and we need to work hard to make them happy", Steiner said in conversation with Formula1.com. The Italian therefore thinks that three races in America have come at the right time. The sport is already popular and is currently becoming even more popular in America.

The Haas team boss is also confident that the three races in the US will have their own identity and will also not get in each other's way given the different locations and the fact that it is such a big country. While Miami is on the east coast of the country, Austin is in the south central region of Texas, with Las Vegas in the western state of Nevada. "Each of these races has got their own little thing that stands out, they’re not a copycat of each other. I think it’s very good", Steiner continued.

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