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Tsunoda's father had concerns over contract extension

Tsunoda's father had concerns over contract extension

25-09-2022 13:58 Last update: 15:38


Yuki Tsunoda is thrilled with the extension of his contract at AlphaTauri. He therefore speaks at length in the Tauri Talk podcast of AlphaTauri then talks at length about how he celebrated the moment. The good news also proved to be a relief for Tsunoda's father who had some more concerns surrounding his contract.

The young driver from Japan is now driving his second Formula 1 season, and the third is coming up. Last year, Tsunoda was also pleasantly surprised with his contract extension at the Italian racing stable. Due to many crashes and mistakes during race weekends, he literally and figuratively did not like his 2022 seat anymore, yet the team showed confidence in giving him another chance. After a lot of work and a lot of dedication, Tsunoda showed the will to improve, and he did, rewarding him once again for his hard work with a contract extension.

Father worried

When asked who Tsunoda called first after hearing the joyful news, the Japanese player said, "My parents, yeah for sure. Especially my dad, he was worrying a little bit about those things." Tsunoda says his parents are very excited, especially about the second half of the season: "The Japanese Grand Prix especially on top of that."

The Japanese's interviewer in the podcast asks how he celebrated his contract extension. Tsunoda is honest about that. "I’m not spending much money to myself recently so. Which is a good thing, good step to last year. Overall feels better." Tsunoda continued that he went to Milan and ate Japanese food at his favourite restaurant. "Proper Japanese food, and a Japanese chef which I always go with a friend. So that was good."

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