Daniel Ricciardo has relationship with daughter Gerhard Berger

Daniel Ricciardo has relationship with daughter Gerhard Berger

25 September - 13:39 Last update: 15:35


Daniel Ricciardo is in love. He has revealed in an Australian podcast that he is in a relationship with the daughter of ten-time F1 winner Gerhard Berger. The Australian is without a contract next year following his dismissal from McLaren, but says that "love takes the stress away" while his new love Heidi Berger distracts him from the worries surrounding his future.

With eight wins, Ricciardo is two wins behind his father-in-law since making his F1 debut in 2011. Despite winning the Italian Grand Prix last year, his time at McLaren was a disappointing one that saw him removed from his contract with a year to go and replaced by Oscar Piastri for 2023.

Love takes away stress

Ryan Fitzgerald, the presenter of the Fitzy & Wippa podcast asked if he is currently in love, to which Ricciardo replied: "Yeah mate, I’m in love, I got a good thing going, so yeah. I’ve got a good balance in life right now."

The Perth-based driver has struggled with his form since making the surprising decision to leave Red Bull, where he won seven races. After McLaren dropped him, the Australian is without a seat for next season, but says his relationship is helping him through it. "I think love eliminates stress, yeah absolutely", he added.

Big fan

Funny detail is that Ricciardo was a big fan of Berger: "When I was young, I mean I’ve followed F1 since I was a kid and I had a Berger hat." The bond with his father-in-law is therefore very good and Formula 1 obviously comes up a lot. Berger still seems to go to quite a few races himself and still has a lot of interest in the sport. Ricciardo also likes talking to former drivers with so much experience. "Any ex-sportsman, anyone who’s been through it — I just love speaking to them and gaining knowledge and insight through their experience there’s so much wisdom."

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