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Brawn compares Schumacher situation with Max and Jos Verstappen

Brawn compares Schumacher situation with Max and Jos Verstappen

24-09-2022 15:54 Last update: 24-09-2022 15:54


Mick Schumacher is still not sure of a seat for 2023. The German can count on support from Ross Brawn, F1's sporting director. The British F1 chief says he is annoyed that Schumacher junior is being compared to his father.

For Schumacher, it is still unclear whether he will be back on the Formula 1 grid next year. The Haas driver just cannot manage to peak in the current season. He has only managed to pick up points during two races and teammate Kevin Magnussen, obviously with more experience, is doing much better. Meanwhile, then, there is criticism of Schumacher and whether he deserves his spot in Formula 1.

Brawn thinks this is unfair. "Mick has improved tremendously this year. He has a good reference in Magnussen as a teammate and he is now at an important crossroads in his career," Brawn told F1 Insider. "He certainly deserves the next step in his career."

Comparing results

Brawn also balks at the fact that the young Schumacher's results are often laid alongside those of his father. With seven world championships and status as an F1 legend, this is often difficult. "He is different from his father, who was always immediately on the limit," argues Brawn, who also stresses that he has also won titles in the junior classes. The fact that he is a seven-time world champion and not yet an icon like Schumacher senior is in Germany would also increase the pressure on the young German.

Max and Jos

"He is very talented and has adopted 100% of his father's way of working. He is extremely capable of improving, whichis crucial," said Michael Schumacher's close friend, who can also compare the Haas driver's situation with that between Max and Jos Verstappen. "Max's big advantage over Mick was that his father was a hero in the Netherlands but did not win."

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