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Todt cannot give Binotto advice: 'Every era is different'

Todt cannot give Binotto advice: 'Every era is different'

24-09-2022 15:00 Last update: 25-09-2022 03:54


Jean Todt, the former FIA president has been speaking about the current situation of Ferrari, the team he was team boss of in the past.

Todt, along with Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher, was a winning team that brought the 'Scuderia' back to the top after more than 20 years. When Todt talks about Ferrari, he does so for good reason, because he knows the dynamics experienced in the team like the back of his hand. He spoke about it at the Trento Sport Festival.

Excellence needed

The former FIA president, as well as team boss of the Maranello-based team from 1993 to 2007, spoke a lot about Ferrari and the criticism Ferrari is facing this season. Especially those regarding the decisions made at the pit wall. Todt sees that a great car has been made this season, which means it does work. He sees only one point missing: "To win you need excellence, from all points of view. And when excellence fails, it is important to understand where the mistake comes from. If you make a lot of mistakes, it means there is something to change," he is quoted by Formulapassion.it.

Competent team boss

Ferrari had the best car at the beginning of the season certain moment in the year, but lost too many chances due to problems as different as safety car, strategy or reliability. Todt does see a capable team boss in Mattia Binotto, but he finds it difficult to provide him with advice. "Every era is different, I cannot give Binotto advice because it is very easy to talk without knowing the situation." Todt concludes that Ferrari is doing well, but that people do not realise the high level of competitiveness that a world championship offers.

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