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Setbacks don't change Ferrari: 'The atmosphere is good'

Setbacks don't change Ferrari: 'The atmosphere is good'

19 August - 19:12 Last update: 19:22


On several occasions, the Italian press has not been kind to Ferrari. The team has perhaps the fastest car on the grid. But in both championships Ferrari is far behind Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing.

Unreliability, wrong strategies and accidents. Ferrari have won four times this season and could well have won more. There are still nine races to go, but there will probably not be a title again. While it certainly could have been.

Pressing the reset button

Panic? Discontent within the team? There is no sign of that within Ferrari, according to Laurent Mekies in AutoHebdo. "The atmosphere is good, because people like Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz and Mattia Binotto lead the team in all situations," said the Italian team's race director.

According to Mekies, there are always good times and bad times. Then it is important what type of leadership is shown. "They are able to hit the reset button no matter what, bring everyone together, look at what happened, learn from it and start the next race smiling and with more motivation than the last race."

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