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Ricciardo to return to Alpine: 'I can't imagine'

Ricciardo to return to Alpine: 'I can't imagine'

17 August - 09:40 Last update: 10:27


Alpine is suddenly faced with an important choice due to the imminent departure of Fernando Alonso. Several names have been mentioned, including the possibility of a return of Daniel Ricciardo. Ralf Schumacher cannot imagine such a move, he told Sky Sports Deutschland.

The Australian is once again having a disappointing season at McLaren. While Ricciardo joined the stable in 2021 to lead the team, he found himself in a turbulent period where he saw teammate Lando Norris run further away.

As a result, his current team is keen to get rid of him and put Oscar Piastri in his place. It would give Alpine the opportunity to welcome Ricciardo back and make another attempt to make him successful.

Schumacher, however, does not think it will come to that. According to the German, there will be few formations left chasing Ricciardo's signature. "Personally, I can't imagine him getting another chance in Formula 1. But I really don't know who Alpine will take in the end," Schumacher revealed.

Ricciardo's previous spell at Alpine

It would not be the first time that Ricciardo would be competing for the team, as he was also there in 2019 and 2020. Whereas in his first season he came no further than ninth in the championship, a year later he achieved fifth place. He then made the switch to McLaren.

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