Coulthard was already pushing for Red Bull's own engine department in 2006

Coulthard was already pushing for Red Bull's own engine department in 2006

14 August - 17:30 Last update: 19:12


Back in 2006, David Coulthard pointed out the advantages of setting up his  team's position own engine department. Now, sixteen years later, the Austrian team is finally working on Red Bull Powertrains' own power units.

Red Bull took over the Jaguar team at the end of 2005. The aim was to win world titles, but at the time it seemed far from realistic. The Scot has revealed to Motorsport.com that he was given a blank cheque at the time to enlist the services of all sorts of captains of different teams to work for the Austrian team. For example, he brought Adrian Newey into the team over a dinner in London.

First seasons with three engines

Having driven the first three seasons with three different engines from Cosworth, Ferrari and Renault, it was difficult to find a good partnership. Coulthard had already thought of all the arguments that Red Bull currently uses to defend the engine project some twenty years ago, which is why he was already advocating the creation of its own engine department.

In the meantime, the team has completely changed its mind and is in the process of building its own power sources. The Scottish analyst from Viaplay fully supports this. He saw potential back then and firmly believed in Red Bull's plan. In the meantime, the team has grown from a few hundred men to a team with several world titles in its pocket, and now also with its own engine project. The Scot jokingly concludes that it is not bad for an energy drink manufacturer.

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