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Abu Dhabi GP may change schedule due to overlap with World Cup

Abu Dhabi GP may change schedule due to overlap with World Cup

14-08-2022 16:32 Last update: 17:19


The start of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix may be brought forward by a few hours. The final race of the season falls almost simultaneously with the opening match of the World Cup in Qatar and an earlier start of the GP would avoid the overlap.

The last Grand Prix of the season is scheduled in Abu Dhabi. According to Formulapassion.it it is possible that the final race will be moved up a few hours due to the World Cup being held in nearby Qatar. The problem with the two events, both of which take place on 20 November, is mainly for economic reasons and to maximise television revenue and audience for both sporting events. Therefore, the concluding race might undergo a time change.

Tight overlap

The Formula One race starts at 1pm (British time) and the opening race of the World Championship kicks off at 5pm. You can never calculate in advance how a race will go; in addition, there are the closing and traditional celebrations on the podium and for the winner of the world title. A very tight overlap, therefore.

Another possibility that would have been on the table, according to the Italian medium, is that the Formula 1 race could be on Saturday, but that scenario seems to have been dropped already. The week before, the F1 circus is in Brazil, which would be a big job to move everything in one week. Formula 2 will also race on the Yas Marina circuit.