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Verstappen understands father's approach: 'Extra step to beat other kids'

Verstappen understands father's approach: 'Extra step to beat other kids'

10-08-2022 18:26 Last update: 18:46


Speed was in Max Verstappen 's genes as the son of former Formula 1 driver Jos Verstappen, and mother Sophie Kumpen who was a successful go-kart driver. In the magazine Sports Illustrated Kids he talks about racing in his younger years and what attracted him to karting, but also about what drove him to work harder.

Verstappen mentions some of the things about karting that really appealed to him. Among other things, the speed, being low to the ground and trying to find the limit [of the car], but also the limit of yourself. "And of course, the engines, the smell of the fuel. These kind of things at the time were really interesting to me [as a kid]."


The Dutchman decided, without push from his parents, that he wanted to go karting eventually. Father Jos insisted that he give it his full attention. So where other kids were kicking a football, Max was with his dad talking about the kart or a circuit. The reigning world champion says, now that he is an adult, he fully understands why his father did it this way. “[You have to have] that mentality from a young age to just work harder, because there are a lot of talented kids and drivers in the world who can all do a fast lap. But it’s about just going that extra step and saying, How can I be better? How can I beat the other kids?"