Drugovich on F1 odds: 'Market changes every day'

Drugovich on F1 odds: 'Market changes every day'

7 August - 16:14 Last update: 17:08


Felipe Drugovich has no racing plans for next season as yet. The Brazilian driver, who is currently the leader of Formula 2, hopes for a chance in Formula 1, but he says the market is changing every day. There are rumours that Drugovich is a strong contender for a seat at Williams or to become a reserve driver at Aston Martin. The Brazilian says he is not aware of this.

Drugovich currently leads the Formula 2 championship. The Brazilian is 21 points ahead of Theo Pourchaire, Sauber's French junior. The Formula 2 season still has eight races to go, so it can still go either way. It would be logical that Drugovich would earn a spot in Formula 1 if he were to win the rookie class. However, in recent years it has become clear that a title win is no guarantee for a seat in the premier class.

Nothing is certain

Drugovich says to Motorsport.com that he knows nothing of the rumours. "As long as nothing is presented to me, nothing is certain. My focus is one hundred percent on my work this season." The young Brazilian adds that it is complicated for drivers.

Asked how likely it is that the Brazilian will be driving in the premier class next year, he says he has no idea and that the market changes every day. He does not want to give a number, because there is no precision. He says that if he continues to perform well there is a possibility of getting there, either as a reserve driver or as a regular driver.

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