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Brawn saw fascinating battles at British Grand Prix

Brawn saw fascinating battles at British Grand Prix

5 July - 11:31 Last update: 16:23


Due to a combination of circumstances, the British Grand Prix will go down in history as a sensational race. It was also a good example of where the Formula One management wanted to go with the introduction of the new regulations. The race brought a surprising and new winner and battles that lasted for laps at the fast Silverstone circuit. It also showed once again that the current cars are extremely safe, thanks to the halo. Ross Brawn looked back on the exciting race in his column for Formula 1.

According to Brawn, this year's race was a classic and a perfect demonstration of what the sport wanted to achieve with the new cars. He also spoke about the mega crash that took place during the race at Silverstone. "It was a relief to see Guanyu Zhou and Alex Albon are okay after big impacts – and once again a fine example of the progress Formula 1 and the FIA have made with safety."

Fascinating battles

The sporting director says that after the crash we were treated to some fabulous racing. What struck Brawn was with how much precision the drivers had with their cars. "We saw countless fascinating battles that went for several corners, with multiple changes of position."

High quality overtakes

The Briton also saw that the drivers could take multiple lines with these new cars, and as a result two, three or even four cars could sometimes drive almost side by side. "The quality of the passes was high, too. Drivers really had to work to get a move done." Brawn concluded that it was not a given that an action would succeed just by using the DRS.

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