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Two F1 calendars in the making for 2023'.

Two F1 calendars in the making for 2023'.

22 June - 20:32 Last update: 21:40


According to Formula 1 journalist Joe Saward, there is still a lot unclear about the 2023 F1 calendar. The journalist states in his blog that the announcement will not be made until at least the end of July. The journalist also states that two different calendars are in the making but it is still unclear which variant the F1 organisation will choose.

According to Saward, there will be some changes compared to this season. It seems that there are currently two different designs for the 2023 calendar: one with 23 races and another with 24 races. At the moment, both designs include the Monaco Grand Prix, yet it also seems uncertain that it will stay on. "The difference in calendars appears to be the Chinese Grand Prix, as it is hard to know what the Chinese are going to do because of their attitude towards the COVID pandemic"

Return of Kyalami?

Both calendars also include a South African GP, according to the journalist. This underlines the F1 organisation's desire for a first race on the African continent since 1993. This will be held at Kyalami. Saward himself still has question marks: "There are still questions that need to be answered about the race because of ongoing political problems in the country."

Some events must disappear

He concludes: "The other new race will be Las Vegas. Obviously if you have a 22-race calendar in 2022 and you add three races (South Africa, China and Las Vegas), you reach a total of 25, and so some of the current events must disappear. Fortunately Russia has taken care of itself."

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