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New updates from Mercedes at Silverstone

New updates from Mercedes at Silverstone

22 June - 20:01 Last update: 21:39


Mike Elliott, the technical director of Mercedes says in the debrief from Mercedes that the new parts they bring to the race at Silverstone will hopefully provide more speed. Yet the Brit also looks realistically ahead to the British Grand Prix and says Mercedes are clearly behind frontrunners Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. A win at the home race of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, for example, also looks difficult.

Elliott says the team will try to push the car forward at Silverstone. Bringing in new parts will hopefully help with this. "Trying to get some pace from the car we’ve got or the package we’ve got. As well as the new bits we’re going to add to it."

Staying honest

The German team's technical man also admits that at the same time they need to be honest with themselves. "At the moment we’re just a little bit behind those front runners in Ferrari and Red Bull Racing and in a normal race it’s (Lewis winning in Silverstone) is going to be tough."

Silverstone suits Mercedes better

He expects Silverstone to be a circuit that suits the team a little better, as was evident at the Barcelona race. During the race in the Spanish city, George Russell finished a handsome third and Lewis Hamilton finished sixth.


He concludes: ut whatever happens we’ll push as hard as we can. Our Drivers will push as hard as we can. Because we want to get back to winning. We want to win for the team, we definitely want to win. We want to win for the fans. Let's see what happens.”

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