'Porsche enters F1 with Red Bull Racing in 2026'

'Porsche enters F1 with Red Bull Racing in 2026'

21-06-2022 12:13 Last update: 15:45

Both Audi and Porsche will reportedly supply engines to Formula 1 teams from 2026 onwards. Behind the scenes a lot is said to be ready for the admission of the two brands of the Volkswagen Group, but an official announcement is still pending. This is mainly due to the FIA that first has to approve the new engine regulations.

According to Blick Porsche will join Red Bull Racing. According to the German newspaper, it is possible that the announcement of the partnership will already be made during the Austrian team's home race in July.

In the case of Audi, there are four teams who would be interested in a partnership including Williams, Aston Martin, and Sauber. McLaren already pulled out because the British team did not want to give the Germans the majority of shares they wanted.

'Large sums of money'

The German media asked an unknown team boss for a reaction and he said the following about the potential collaboration:"I don't understand why Sauber and Audi are still hiding their collaboration. Audi has long held 25 percent of the shares. And another 50 percent has to be added. These are really very large sums of money!"

Frederic Vasseur, the team boss of Alfa Romeo, does not want to comment (yet). He only tells Blick:"For me Williams is the favourite. They have very good relations with VW and Germany!"Another fact that comes into play here is that Audi has been using the Hinwil team's wind tunnel for years for its various sports cars, and that plays into Sauber's hands again.