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Mercedes: 'Ferrari and Red Bull Racing are the benchmark'

Mercedes: 'Ferrari and Red Bull Racing are the benchmark'

15 June - 19:45 Last update: 21:53


Mercedes says each track still has a lot to learn about the 2022 car. According to James Vowles, head of strategy at the German racing team, they didn't expect the team to run so far back at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix compared to the Barcelona race. The Brackley-based team is also looking realistically ahead to the Canadian Grand Prix in Mercedes' debrief.

Vowles explains in the video that the results in Baku provided a platform to learn from. He also indicates that, substantially, Montreal is not much different from circuits like Baku and Monaco. "I think we'll still have a package that isn't at the front on merit. Red Bull and Ferrari will still be the benchmark that we have to compare ourselves to."

Small steps

The Mercedes chief also states in the video that it doesn't have to mean that the difference in Baku during qualifying, in Montreal will be as big. "I'm fairly sure we'll find small steps and developments that push us back towards the front", Vowles concludes.

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