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Aston Martin has FIA approval in for 'green RB18'

Aston Martin has FIA approval in for 'green RB18'

20 May - 13:29


Aston Martin may just use the new updates. The FIA looked at whether the team had acted within the rules, after there was much criticism of the new car that looks suspiciously like Red Bull Racing 's RB18. However, no measures are being taken.

The green Red Bull

Aston Martin already announced prior to the Grand Prix weekend in Spain that it would come up with updates and there was even talk of a serious B-spec. It shows, because the car that the British team presented didn't look like the old AMR22 at all anymore. The car now looks much more like the RB18.

In 2020 Racing Point also used this trick, when the car of Mercedes was almost copied. Again, the team has cleverly copied the fastest car on the grid and applied that to its own car. The green car should thus move further forward on the grid.

Green light from the FIA

According to the FIA Auto, Motor und Sport Silverstone earlier in the week to check the parts. The team is suspected of having received information from Red Bull engineers including Dan Fallows, who switched from Red Bull to Aston Martin. Aston Martin denies these rumors.

The FIA however has no problem with Aston Martin's method. The parts have been inspected and everything has been examined by the FIA. Aston Martin has been given the green light to go into action with this car, but the competition will not be very happy about that.

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