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Controversy goes on: Hamilton leaves piercing in place all season

Controversy goes on: Hamilton leaves piercing in place all season

8 May - 13:20


Lewis Hamilton seems to be able to prepare for a huge amount of fines and points deductions. The British driver of Mercedes has been ordered to remove his piercings while racing after the race in Barcelona. But that will not happen.


For several weeks now, it has been a major topic of conversation. A long-standing rule that is going to be enforced by the new leadership of the FIA: not being allowed to wear jewelry while racing. For Hamilton, this means removing his nose piercing, among other things. However, the former world champion says this is impossible.

Hamilton had already removed his earrings before he got into his cockpit in Miami. But in the meantime he has told the Formula 1 management that his nose piercing will remain in place for the rest of the season, as reported by The Independent. “No, (I am not going to do it), ” said Hamilton when asked if he was going to take out his nose stud. “I got an exemption here and I will get exemptions for the rest of the year. Wedding rings are allowed. I will wear four watches next time.”

Medical exemption

Hamilton does indeed have a medical exemption for two Grands Prix. He is sure that this exemption will also be there for the rest of the season, but the FIA has not communicated anything about this. If Hamilton ignores the rules later on, he could end up with hefty penalties. Points deduction may be applied. It would even be ten points per violation.

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