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Hamilton is sure: Verstappen wants a nipple piercing

Hamilton is sure: Verstappen wants a nipple piercing

16-04-2022 14:18 Last update: 15:32


Suddenly there was a remarkable rule: Formula One drivers are no longer allowed to wear jewelry while racing. According to the FIA, this is far too dangerous, despite the fireproof clothing worn by the drivers.

Special places?

For Lewis Hamilton, the ban on wearing jewelry is most annoying. The Briton wears several, visible and invisible? When he was asked in Melbourne during the press conference what he thought of the ban, he responded wittily. Hamilton said he has piercings that many people don't know about and that they can't just be taken out.

With this statement, many people's imaginations struck a chord. But soon Hamilton continued to joke. He indicated that in his opinion the rule is not new, but also indicated that he would wear more jewelry next race.

Watching again?

Max Verstappen then also got involved in the discussion. The Dutchman says that jewelry is way too heavy, so wearing it while racing is out of the question. At that moment Hamilton shakes his head. He says he is sure Verstappen wants a nipple piercing. The world champion responds wittily and asks if Hamilton wants to see it again?