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Albers in defense: Then for me the chapter is closed.

Albers in defense: "Then for me the chapter is closed".

1 April - 08:04


Christijan Albers received a lot of criticism on the internet for the way he talked about Mick Schumacher' s crash at Viaplay during the qualifying of the Saudi Arabia GP. The F1 analyst defends himself and explains why he acted the way he did.

Criticism after Albers statement

Schumacher's crash at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit was particularly hard. As usual, the replay of a crash is not broadcast until there is confirmation that the driver in question is okay. Qualifying was on hold for a long time and the footage of the crash also remained out for a long time, causing many viewers to fear the worst for the German driver. However, in the studio at Viaplay, Albers said about it, "I always just get out after that." That comment earned him fierce criticism.

Albers defends himself

At the Fomule 1-Podcast of De Telegraaf, the Dutchman explains himself further. Erik van Haren starts talking about the criticism the analyst got after his remark. Albers: "At some point, a crash like that is repeated so often. You know, it just remains a crash in Formula 1. I mean, with all due respect, you also have those in Monaco; it's part of it. For a driver, I think that's less exciting. As a driver you see the hard impact, but he gets out and is okay. Then with me the subject is closed."

In the end, Albers was right and the consequences of the crash for the German were manageable. Schumacher himself would have liked to drive the next day, but according to the team it was wise not to. This had nothing to do with Schumacher's condition, by the way, but rather with the condition of the car and the presence of spare parts.

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