The dramatization of Drive to Survive: Which drivers love it?

The dramatization of Drive to Survive: Which drivers love it?

9 March - 20:34

On Friday, March 11, the fourth season of the Formula One series Drive to Survivelaunches on Netflix. The show has been a huge success with fans who can't get enough of the footage, but not all drivers are equally enthusiastic about the series.

In Drive to Survive, fans of the sport get a behind-the-scenes look at the teams and drivers throughout the season. The series has created tremendous growth for the sport, as many new fans have discovered the sport through Netflix.

Still, opinions in the paddock are divided. Not all drivers can appreciate the dramatization of the sport's events, and several team bosses have also commented on the show. GPblog lists which drivers and team bosses do and don't like Drive to Survive.

Verstappen against the Netflix series

Max Verstappen is perhaps the biggest critic of the Netflix show. The Dutchman decided to no longer participate in the fourth season of Drive to Survive because, according to him, the series is too fake. The Red Bull driver will therefore not be seen much in the fourth season, despite the exciting title battle between him and Lewis Hamilton. Fans will have to make do mainly with statements from team boss Christian Horner.

Helmut Marko significantly agreed with Verstappen's opinion. According to the Red Bull advisor, the series is "a typical exaggerated American story. Marko is therefore hardly seen in the episodes.

Carlos Sainz has also expressed his disappointment in the series. The Spaniard believes that Ferrari does not come forward well. According to Sainz, Ferrari is much "bigger" and "better" than was shown during the episodes of the third season.

Supporters Drive to Survive

Lando Norris will also be back on screen in the Netflix series next season. The Briton earlier commented on Verstappen's statements. Norris emphasizes that everything is fine. The drivers themselves can decide what is shown. According to the McLaren driver it is important to give something to the fans. Former F1 driver Romain Grosjean agrees. F1's fan base has increased significantly because of the series.

Lewis Hamilton also praises the efforts of Liberty Media, which has helped the sport grow tremendously. This is partly due to Drive to Survive. Verstappen will not give his opinion on the title fight in the new season, but Hamilton on the other hand is present in front of the cameras to tell his story.

Horner is also positive about the show. His driver may think the series is too fake, but he himself can enjoy the images. The Red Bull team boss has already seen the first episodes of the fourth season and calls it "insane.

Daniel Ricciardo also calls himself a fan of the series. The drama surrounding the sport may be highlighted, but according to the Australian, that is just the reality. Ricciardo has been a key player in every season so far with his moves to different teams, and will also be on full display this year in his first season at McLaren.

Wolff not sure

Toto Wolff initially refuted Verstappen's statements, as the series is clearly a great success. Yet he also recently voiced criticism of the series. The Austrian driver does not like to have a camera in his face all the time. Yet he too will appear several times in the new season.

The fourth season of Drive to Survive will be available on Netflix from March 11. The new season consists of ten episodes.

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