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Prost lashes out at Alpine leadership: 'There is no respect'

Prost lashes out at Alpine leadership: 'There is no respect'

18 January - 07:37 Last update: 09:33


After Marcin Budkowski, it was also announced on Monday that Alain Prost is leaving the French racing stable. However, the four-time world champion speaks of a lack of respect, after the news came out earlier.

Prost pulls out

Prost has been with the Alpine (formerly Renault) team since 2017. The Frenchman started in the role of "special advisor" and in 2019 was given the role of non-executive board member (similar to Niki Lauda at Mercedes). However, in a restructuring within Alpine, Prost has become a victim and he is not exactly happy about that.

''I am very disappointed how this has been communicated. It was agreed to bring this out together. There is no respect. I turned down a contract extension offered to me in Abu Dhabi for 2022 because of a personal relationship and I was proven right,'' Prost let it be known on his Instagram account. The Frenchman does not mention names, but you would say this is about someone at the top and so you think of the CEO of Alpine: Laurent Rossi.

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