F1 seat for Fittipaldi seems confirmed after congratulations from Haas sponsor

2022-03-03 20:54:16 by GPblog.com

It is beginning to look more and more like Nikita Mazepin will actually be replaced at the Haas team. Because of the developments in Ukraine, the United Kingdom decided to ban Russian drivers, and Australia is said to be considering doing the same.

The situation is therefore becoming increasingly difficult for Mazepin. On Thursday evening, Sky Sports Germany already came out with the news that Mazepin would be replaced by Pietro Fittipaldo, who replaced Romain Grosjean in 2020 after his heavy crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix. According to the FIA, Russian drivers are allowed to continue racing as long as they do so under a neutral flag, but sanctions in other countries still make it difficult.

Schumacher and Fittipaldi at Haas

Haas itself shared a remarkable photo of Fittipaldi in the car during his first F1 race. Haas' sponsor, Home Deluxe, also now confirms on Instagram that Mazepin will be replaced. Alexander Thoss, CEO of Home Deluxe, congratulated the team for contracting Mick Schumacher and Fittipaldi for 2022.

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Race Misdirector +34
Considering Mazepin's father is a Russian oligarch and a majority shareholder of HAAS's (former) title sponsor Uralkali, which has substantial ties to Putin, it definitely is not racist. The kid was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has literally no racing talent, has done nothing but create friction on the team, and he only ever had his seat because of his father basing part of the sponsorship on the requirement that his son could drive. Even if he is somehow innocent, there's no way his father is and people suffer the consequences of their family.
2022-03-04 16:22:32 19 likes
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